Surrogate Services International Inc is a full service fertility recruiting and matching agency based in the USA and operating worldwide. Our approach is unique since it is based on both professionalism and personal experience.

S.S.I selectively recruits Gestational Carriers (surrogates) and egg donors and subsequently matches them with intended parents, our database of Gestational Carriers (Surrogates) and egg donors is comprehensive and S.S.I is confident we can match the needs of all intended parents.

All initial consultations with S.S.I are 100% obligation and cost free, upon request we will e-mail our potential clients a proposal that outlines how our services work, what we do & itemized costs.

Additional services include but are not limited to,
  • Liaison Services, with IVF Clinics, OBGYN Offices, Pharmaceutical providers, hospitals and all other pre and post natal care givers.
  • Legal representation of our clients
  • Family Court Filings
  • Imiimgration and Citizenship services for international clients
  • Trust Account Management
  • Conflict resolotion if required

Our mission is to make your dream of parenthood a reality at a reasonable price as such we guarantee to be at least 10% cheaper than any other agency.

Our team includes several attorneys with extensive experience in creating legally binding agreements between intended parent(s), gestational carriers and/or egg donors. Their experience and personal commitment in establishing legal parentage through assisted conception birth registrations and pre-birth orders worldwide is unsurpassed. 

Our team has assisted intended parents realize the dream of parenthood in countries including but not limited to, USA, Australia, The U.K, Italy, Norway and France.

Surrogate Services International is LGBT friendly and has experience dealing with complex issues that LGBT intended parents often face both in the USA and worldwide alike.

Due to the sensitive nature of our business Surrogate Services International Inc ensures we constantly remain up to date on the latest legal & medical advances in the field of reproductive medicine. Our team has affiliations with the following organizations 

  • The American Society for Reproductive Medicine www.asrm.org 
  • SART (Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology)
  • Resolve www.resolve.org
  • American Fertility Association www.theafa.org 
  • American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Attorneys
  • Information on Surrogacy 
  • The Fertility Authority
  • The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • The Women's Commitee - The Pyramid Club Philadelphia 
  • Professional Women's Roundtable - Philadelphia 
  • Philadelphia Family Pride Conference  

Additionally we enjoy an excellent working rapport with numerous IVF clinics and OBGYN Offices worldwide.

An accompolished and knowledgable speaker in the field of both Surrogacy and egg donotation C.E.O 
TJ Henderson is often requested to for speaking engagements worldwide to educate and assist intneded parents on their journey to parenthood.

Unlike many agencies Surrogate Services International Inc is absolutely diligent in screening potential Gestational Carriers and Egg Donors, we are one of the very few agencies that conduct in home visits in addition to employment checks, criminal history checks, credit checks and child abuse clearance checks as part of our screening process.

TJ Henderson
Founder & C.E.O.