Surrogate Services International is currently recruiting anonymous egg donors.

Surrogate Services International Inc is a full service fertility agency based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA and operates worldwide.

We selectively recruit anonymous Egg Donors and subsequently match them with intended parents both locally and worldwide.

Pay is approx $7000 plus all relevant expenses for a little over one month's work.
Eligible candidates MUST,

* Be female 
* Aged between 21-26 years old
* Be a non-smoker 
* Have a BMI (body mass index) no greater than 33% (not obese) 
* If in a relationship partner must be fully supportive of decision to be an egg donor. 
* Willing to participate in a psychological evaluation. 
* Be willing to release all medical records for review by the attending IVF physician. 
* Be willing to take medication including self-administered shots for approx 30 days 
* Be willing to provide at least two recent photographs of yourself so we can match you with a recipient who is similar in appearance.

To complete an application simply click on the link below, once you have completed the application please email or call our office so that we can schedule an interview.